Alton – Size and location

Briefly, Alton is a new large Residential and Commercial project in Palm Beach Gardens. The area used to be called the Briger Tract but was purchased by Kolter a couple of years ago. The northern boundary is Donald Ross Road. The southern boundary is Hood Road. The western boundary is the Turnpike. The eastern boundary is close to Central Boulevard. The area is about one square mile in size.

Regarding the eastern boundary of Alton, if you drove along Central Boulevard from Donald Ross road headed south to Hood road, you would notice the following on the west side of the street. Starting in the North is a Walgreen’s shopping Center. Then you would pass a residential complex called Legends at the Gardens. Further south, you would see the very large Benjamin School on the west side. Lastly you would drive past San Michelle Private Estates.

Similarly, if you drove west on Hood Road, Alton would be on the north side of the road with the following exceptions. The Jewish Cultural Center and the Franklin Academy have been recently constructed. Additionally,  the Wandering Trails Riding Academy is also off Hood road.

I will post three photos of the planned entrances/exits from Alton soon, and further information about Single Family and Multi Family Homes in Alton. Any questions, call Marion Suro at 561-310-6120, at Premier Homes Group.


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I'm with the Premier Homes Group at Keyes Real Estate in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl 561-310-5459
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  1. jettberes says:

    Very informative post. Can’t wait to read the next one


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