Alton East and West Parcels

small alton map showing all parcels……Above is the map showing Alton. Top or north boundary is Donald Ross road, and the bottom or south boundary is Hood road. The west boundary is the curved Turnpike, and the east boundary is made up of the existing structures on Central Boulevard (the Legends, the Benjamin school, and San Michelle).

Note that I95 runs diagonally through the complex. I marked it in red. The parcel east of I95 totals 475 acres, and the parcel west of I95 totals 206 acres. Below you will see the distribution of building in each parcel.

……………………………….East of I95                      West of I95

Industrial/R&D/Biotech     2,600,000 sq ft.                 0

Office                                        1,200,000 sq ft                  0

Hotel                                                  300 rooms                 0

Retail                                            450,000 sq ft.                 50,000 sq ft.

Apartments                                           350 units                350 units

Multifamily                                           800 units                600 units

Single Family                                         350 units               250 units

As you can see from reading through this blog, the initial construction of Alton homes will take place in the east parcel,  but also in the west parcel, later on.

No, I do not think you can drive across I95 from the West parcel to the East parcel. It looks like you must exit the West parcel onto Hood road!! But time will tell.



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