Alton will be a walkable lifestyle

The following comes from Kolter and explains how Alton will be different:

By land planning definition, “connectivity” is defined as how often streets or roadways intersect. Throughout history, older cities were designed with shorter blocks in grid-like patterns to enhance connectivity. In the modern world, with greatly enhanced and varied forms of transportation, planners have diverged from the original concepts of community interaction. The desire for a more walkable lifestyle harkens back to this centuries-old concept of community planning.

The introduction of ALTON provides a clean slate, surrounded by an existing urban environment. A place where future residents will find more traditional aspects of community interaction, efficiency, and low maintenance along with the enhanced ability to enjoy their natural surroundings and live a healthier lifestyle. Kolter Homes has embraced the opportunity to employ a fresh new approach, supported by scientific research, to create a more sustainable lifestyle in today’s world.

US Department of Health and Human Services studies have shown a direct relation between the amount of time spent in vehicles and its relationship to reduced physical activity. With this and other research data in mind, ALTON integrates trails, walkways and bike paths to allow for increased walkability and connectivity throughout the community. Whether it’s a bike trail ride to the health and wellness campus or a leisurely stroll to the town center for dinner with friends, ALTON residents will enjoy a spontaneous fun-filled lifestyle.


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2 Responses to Alton will be a walkable lifestyle

  1. Wendy says:

    What will be the price range for the single family homes in Alton?


    • I will know when Kolter Homes tells us. I will then immediately post it on my blog. I read some numbrs on other Internet sites like a start price of $400,000 but I could not get this confirmed by Kolter.


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