Alton PCD Amendment requests changing the mix of dwelling units

On March 9, 2015, the developers submitted a request to the City of Palm Beach Gardens to change the number of dwelling units that would make up Alton. As you can see from the numbers below, they are increasing the number of Single Family Homes, and decreasing the number of Multi-Family Homes and also Apartments. The net of these three changes results in a decrease of 507 dwelling units overall or practically 20%.   There is also a decrease in the area to be used for retail.


Use                                      Approved                       Proposed                     Change

Single Family Homes      600 units                    1,048 units               +448 units

Apartments                        700 units                        361 units               – 339 units

Multi-Family                   1,400 units                       784 units                – 616 units

Retail                              500,000 s.f.                  450,000 s.f.             – 50,000 s.f.

Office                           1,200,000 s.f.               1,200,000 s.f.                No change

Ind/R&D/Biotech    2,600,000 s.f.               2,600,000 s.f.                No change

Hotel                                300 rooms                     300 rooms                 No change



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