The Scoop on the Park Models

Kolter is building 3 different types of homes in Alton. They have many Park models that you can see now, 4 Edge models that are almost available to see (late February?), and Townhomes (3 story) that will be coming along soon.

When you drive into Neighborhood 1, along Grandiflora road from Central Boulevard, between The Benjamin School and San Michele Estates, you will pass 10 homes on your right. The first home is on lot 18 and you can see the lot in the header photo above. The ten homes are all Park models and most if not all are available for purchase.

As you drive west along Grandiflora, you can not continue going straight! But there are 8 additional Park models almost completed, further on Grandiflora road starting at lot 8 on the header photo above. The very last Park model (lot 38) while headed west is actually on Alton road.

To get to the Sales office, you will have to turn right onto Dickens Terrace, and then right on to Faulkner Terrace for the Sales office. At the Sales office (lot 29), there are five Park models, from Park A to Park E. Total Park models are therefore about 23 Park homes.

Remember two things. Park prices range from $549,900 to $689,900, and square footage under air from 2,037 to 4,306. The second thing to remember is to call Marion Suro from Keyes Real Estate, at 561-310-6120, to assist you in understanding Alton!!!


About Marion Suro

I'm with the Premier Homes Group at Keyes Real Estate in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl 561-310-5459
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