The Road to Parcel G is under construction!!

You might ask…where is Parcel G? Well it is a triangular shaped parcel with Hood road as its base in the south, extending north to a point just south of Donald Ross,  and bounded by I95 on the east and the Turnpike on the west. Eastpointe is just beyond the Turnpike to the west.

Alton google map pacel G

The lots for the single family homes being built by Kolter in Alton Neighborhood 1 closer to Central Blvd measure 40×130 or 55×140. The lots for the new Parcel G will be a little larger at 65×140 or 65×150. There are also a few very large lots. Bigger homes!!!

According to the city plan, there will be two roads in and out of Parcel G. They will be on Hood road, on either side of Franklin Academy on Hood. And Yes, these roads are now under construction and visible from Hood Road!

Interesting places and distances from the entrance:

Publix 1.4 miles, Coolinary Café 2.0, Total Wine 3.5 miles, Trader Joes 4.3 miles, Juno Beach 5.0 miles, Palm Beach island 10 miles.

Stay tuned to this blog for more up to date info courtesy of Marion Suro at 561-310-6120.


About Marion Suro

I'm with the Premier Homes Group at Keyes Real Estate in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl 561-310-5459
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