And here comes Parcel G to Alton

Alton google map pacel G

It looks like Parcel G may be starting.

In March of 2015, a petition was sent to the Planning and Zoning department of the city of Palm Beach Gardens. It was for Kolter to build 331 single family homes on Parcel G of Alton. On Feb 9, 2017, the approval from the city stated a max of 485 homes!

Parcel G is a triangular parcel whose base is Hood road. One side is I95 and the other side is the Turnpike. The top of the triangle is very close to Donald Ross road.

The primary road in and out of Parcel G will be immediately east of Franklin Academy and running across Hood road near Westwood Gardens.

So what’s up?? I was driving by and noticed a new fence on the north side of Hood road covered with canvas and running from the turnpike to I95. That’s the base of Parcel G!!!

I stopped in the construction shack on Hood road and was told in fact that the clearing being done is the START!!!

Want to keep up with this? Contact Marion Suro, of Keyes Realtors, at 561-310-6120.

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Parcels D, E and F Coming to Alton in 2017

The area above (subject site) enclosed by red shows the next steps for building homes in Alton. There are three parcels, D E and F,  in the enclosed site and that’s where the next building will occur. There will be 316 single family homes and 199 townhomes.

Note how Alton road, which starts up at Donald Ross, will now continue all the way to Hood road bringing additional traffic to Hood road.

This project was approved by Palm Beach Gardens in May 2017 so you may see activity soon.


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The Next Big Step

I took the picture standing on Grandiflora road next to Alton Neighborhood 1. I was looking south. If I could see far to the south, I would see Hood road. Looks like a new road!!!!

Yes, the next area to have new homes will be from south of Grandiflora  all the way to Hood road.

Alton Road will also be extending through the area ending on Hood Road with a traffic light. You would think Hood Road was busy enough, but just wait!!!!

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Clarity Pointe


Alton runs from Donald Ross in the north to Hood Road in the south.

In the middle, and a little west of Alton Road, will be built Clarity Pointe.

It will be a 256 bed Assisted Living facility.

It was approved in late 2016.

The facility will be approximately 235,000 sq. ft.

Clarity Pointe will be a great addition to Alton and to Palm Beach Gardens. Construction will begin in late 2017.

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Edge model D available for sale

postedgeDA Kolter single family home is available for sale at Alton. It is an Edge model D.

There are 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, a den, with the master bedroom down., and a 3 car garage.

The price is $1,199,900.

If you would like to see this beautiful home just give Marion Suro a call at 561-310-6120.

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Edge model C available for sale

Here is a great Kolter Model Edge C home available for sale in early May. The price is $1,199,000.

This home would be 5 bedrooms, 5 bath, and a three car garage.

The master bedroom would be downstairs.

If you are interested to see this home, contact Marion Suro, of Keyes Realtors, at 561-310-6120.


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Kolter prices for the townhomes

Here are the prices for the townhomes effective March 1, 2017. Give me a call to see the townhomes. I am Marion Suro and my cell is 561-310-6120.

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